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During times of cost-cutting operators may be tempted to scrimp on preparing existing operations and new builds for potential hurricanes. Don’t give into this temptation. In order to minimize costs and more importantly, ensure the safety of work crews:

  • Double check your new build designs engineering specifications to make sure they are in compliance with Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices

  • Review asset integrity for existing facilities to minimize damage in the event of a hurricane

  • Ensure emergency preparedness plans are properly created and understood to help resume all operations as quickly and safely as possible

Here are a few guidance documents for your reference:
Link to API’s Guidance on Hurricanes and the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Preparations
Link to IADC Tropical Rotation Storms General Guidelines for Land Rigs
Link to UKHSE Technical Policy relating to Extreme Weather for Offshore Structures

Dates for Hurricane (Typhoon, Cyclone) Season around the world:
Atlantic: June 1 to November 30
Eastern Pacific: May 15 to November 30
Western Pacific: July 1 to November 30
South Pacific: October 15 to May 15
Indian Ocean (northern region): April 1 to December 31
Indian Ocean(southern region): October 15 to May 31

Link to Wall Street Journal article with various excerpts of quarterly and monthly sales and profits reports from industry members showing how hurricanes Rita and Katrina contributed to weaker-than-expected results in 2005.